New release for The Traveling Fox

I'm very pleased to anounce the new release of the The Traveling Fox game!
Much has happened during the past couple years and the development of this game hasn't stoped, even if it's been really quiet in here. Plenty of fixes and additions in the engine and the game itself make this, the 20.04 version the best release yet.

Some of the most notably new features are new video sequences and gamepad support. The graphics of the game have also been enhanced on some parts.
So, what are you waiting for, head over to it's page, Download it directly through the ubuntu software center or follow the links to or game jolt.
We won't offer them through other channels yet due to various reasons.

Apr. 5. 2020 - fireclaw

The Traveling Fox Game is released!

After a few years in development it finally came the day of the release.
The Traveling Fox, the 3D platformer that I've been working on for quite a long time now is finally out in the wild for you to get! It's put on here in the games section, as well as on Game Jolt and IndieDB. For everyone who's using ubuntu, you also can simply install it from the app store!

As all our games, The Traveling Fox is also open sourced and can be found on if you're interested in taking a look at it or want to help extending it.

Oct. 1. 2017 - fireclaw

Website source available on

I have planned this for a while, but now it finally happened. The source for this site is freely available on now.
In addition to this, we fixed a few bugs and added small features, like a captcha in the contacts page, to So for all of you who are interested, here is where to find the websites source

May. 14. 2017 - fireclaw

New hoster

Hey everyone, it's been quite a long while since the last post. We still are very busy with our project and private things but there's not much to tell about yet. The little outage of our website we had lately was due to the move to a new webhoster. But everything should be fully up and running again. As soon as we have news on our project, we'll keep you updated here.

Apr. 8. 2017 - fireclaw

Book updates and other news

Hey everyone, it's time for some new news entries here. There hasn't been much publicly visible that we could share thoguh now's the time that we have at least some information that we can share with you.

First of, the Panda3D guide books have been updated with a few fixes and small but useful additions that can help you enhance your games written with our favourite game engine Panda3D. As always, if you have improvements or fixes for them, don't hesitate to share them so we can incorporate them. The new versions of the books can be found in the documents section and are still freely available. If you want to get changes to the book first hand, make sure to watch the github repositories where they are stored:

Book 1 at Github

Book 2 at Github.

Next, if you watch our grimfang github repositories, you might noticed, that we got active in working on features in the Panda3D engine. Lately we have implemented a very useful and hardly missed feature of the engine, a high level gamepad and game devices API which is currently available in our github repository. Currently it's in a working state and can be used for testing. As time comes, this will be incorporated into the official repository and if we're lucky we may get it into the 1.10 release of the engine. If you're up to test it, take a look at the input-overhaul branch of our panda3d fork on github.

Aside of that we have heavily worked on another project to get it closer to release. As it will take some more time and work until it's polished enough to be released, there might not be that many news in the comming months as we try and concentrate on that one project to get it out into the public though, as soon as it's ready, we will publish it on Launchpad for anyone to play and share.

Aug 25. 2016 - fireclaw

Panda3D Game Development Books released for review

We're proud to announce that we finally got to release the first versions of our two free books for game development with Panda3D and Blender. These books are currently in a review stage so they may contain some flaws which need to be fixed. This is where you, the readers come into play, if you find any mistakes or know of any enhancements for the books, let us know and we will fix the books as soon as possible.
Both books come with example content that illustrates and supports the content written in the chapters of the books.

To get the books, head over to our Documents page. As said both books are totaly free and can be shared under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license and the sourcecode using the BSD license.

So now, have fun reading and creating cool new games.

Apr 22. 2016 - fireclaw

Grimfangs first PyWeek

This year, Grimfang attended the PyWeek contest for the first time, and guess what, we even made the second place!
To see our entry just move over to this page. There also where a few other games using Panda3D and together we got quite a few good places in the individual entries section, you can see all the rankings and ratings over at the Rankings page

We also created a page for our entry here on our website where we will post updates and installers for you. You can find it here.

For anyone who's interested, the next PyWeek will start in about 6 months.

Mar 29. 2016 - fireclaw

Happy new year

Happy new year to everyone!

Last year was a rather quite one for the websites news, which doesn't mean we're dead yet, though hopefully we get to add more to the news this year. Nevertheless, there did happen quite a lot in the background of Grimfang.

We started a few new projects and enhanced old ones with the things we learned about game development and game design and we learned a lot in these topics. Even though, we can't reveal anything just yet, there are some projects on the way to a first release, maybe we can give some updates on those in the coming months.
Due to the quite fast and time consuming development of our new projects, old projects like Rising and the Paintball game need to wait until they get some love again, though, they are not forgotten and we will come back to them as soon as we find the time for them again.
If you are interested in those older and not quite finished projects, you may also take the code and assets and add whatever you see missing in them by yourself. We will be more than glad to assist you wherever we can.

Aside of our game projects, we also added a new feature to this website. You may notice the little magnifying glass at the end of the header bar. This will lead you to a newly created search page which uses the awesome DuckDuckGo search engine to search and find thing throughout so you don't have to browse all pages by yourself to find what you want.
We hope this will add a bit to the usability of the website. If you have any feedback, questions or just want to tell us anything, don't hesitate to contact us using the contact form or hop on in the irc chatroom as mentioned on our contact site.

Jan 10. 2016 - fireclaw

Ajaw, the new game

Another OWP has seen the light of the world. Over the last week Mj and I worked on a new Project called Ajaw (the Mayan word for King/Lord). It is a 3D action adventure in the Mayan world. Your mission in this game is to successfully move through the temple also called the path of kings to become the next Mayan lord. You do this by solving puzzles and fighting a freotious enemy.
This Project has brought us and the engine we're using a big step further in game creation, together with a core developer of the panda3d engine, we enhanced the pipeline for model exporting and found and fixed a bug. After all we learned many new techniques and are now even more thrilled to move on with our other game projects.
As soon as the packaging tools of the p3d engine are done, we'll also be able to put the game on this page, untill then, just grab the code and the engine and simply run it from source.

You can find the new game here: Ajaw

Jul 27. 2015 - fireclaw

A late update

It's been a long time since our last post, sorry for letting you wait that long, but it's also been some exciting months for us since then. We have learned many things and worked on even more projects.
One of these projects is Paintball, a small fast paced FPS game inspired and named after the Paintball sport. We have worked on it for the last few weeks and got it in a good playable state. MJ currently works on a network model so we can enhance this and other games by a multiplayer option sometime later.
Aside of that our main project, Rising is making small steps toward an alpha version. Creating Visual and Audio for games sure takes some time and we all want to have a good looking and sounding game. From the coding side the game is in a playable state, it needs some fine tuning and bug fixing, but all features for an alpha release are set. With a bit of luck, we might get an Alpha release out later this year.

May 18. 2015 - fireclaw

News from Rising

2015 starts out good for us, our project Rising is progressing very well lately. We were able to fix a few problems and enhance it even more.
Aside of the coding side, we also get some good amount of graphics done, just check out this image with all our models we have ready to put into the game.
current assets for the alpha version
We still are looking for Artists and others that will help us on our projects so if you are interested just get in contact with us.

Jan 29. 2015 - fireclaw

Big updates

Hey everyone, busy times are behind us and busy times lay in front of us. Our main game Rising is making big steps and getting better day by day. Currently we are working on fine tuning and art assets for it to give you a game that you will enjoy to play. Take a look at it's game page here on Grimfang-Studio, it's updated with a few new details and old and new images. As Rising progress further now, we may also put up some more posts talking about the development state of Rising
Aside of that the website got a general overhaul today too, many pages have changed, like new FAQ entries and the Documents page finally contain some documents :P just go brows through our pages and see the changes yourself.
The game Rollin is also under active development again by our Developer mj. He also renamed the game to Lext and is busy with extending it with new features and currently adding documentation for it. Just take a look at it's game page here and on github to see it's current state
Over the next month we will try to provide some more news, screenshots and maybe even screencasts about our current development status on the games we work on.

Now that that's done, there's only one last thing to say: Wish you all a merry Christmas!

Dec 24. 2014 - fireclaw

Simple Network Card Game

Today we present to you a very simple card game for two players. This game is intended to learn and see how Panda3D's distributed network is working and therefor should be most interesting for developers. Tho it should also be fun to play for everyone else who is interested. Check out the games page here: SNC

Oct 11. 2014 - fireclaw

Upcoming OWP

A new OWP is planned and should start by next week. This time it will be a point and click RPG game. It will feature a 2.5D camera control as well as fighting enemies and collecting items in it's basic version. This OWP is also planned to get extensions via other upcoming OWPs like adding a scriptable quest system and so on. We hope to get this new OWP done and uploaded here in the calendar week 43.

Oct 8. 2014 - fireclaw

Updates on Rising

It's been a long while since we last updated you with informations about our feature game Rising. Currently it is only progressing very slow, but it also is very close to become an alpha/demo release. The main functionality is already set in code and now we only need a bunch of 3D models textures and other eye candy to be able to release this game. So if you are an artist and/or audio composer and want to help us in this important step, feel free to get in contact with us.

Oct 8. 2014 - fireclaw

Update on MJ's Rollin Game

Due to some difficulties with getting things to work and some other problems, MJ's new game Rollin is now postponed for an indefinite time. The source code will still be available if anyone want to take on it. If the work is started on it again, we will update you with informations here as soon as possible.

Oct 8. 2014 - fireclaw

New Games on the way

MJ-meo-dmt, one of our core developers is currently working on another game for the Grimfang games repertoire. A physic based Puzzle game that will blow your mind. Due to the fact that it is still in early development, we can't show off much of it yet, but news and updates about this game will follow as soon as they're ready. If you are interested in helping with the development of the game or just want to see what's possible and in which direction this game will get, just take a look at it's dedicaded games page here at Grimfang


Sep 8. 2014 - fireclaw

GrimFangs official IRC channel is Open

Today we anounce the official IRC channel of GrimFang. This way you can get in touch with the developers of GrimFang-Studio and ask them everything you want. The channel is available at and is called #Grimfang. Check the contact page for further details and an easy to use webchat for everyone, don't need an account or anything, just type in your desired user name and jump right in the chatroom.

Aug 19. 2014 - fireclaw

GrimFang in a fresh new look

Today we've uploaded the first version of our new design for this website. It looks much more modern than the other one, uses new techniques but still is usable without javascript and look equally on all browsers/layout engines listed in the FAQ section.

Jul 7. 2014 - fireclaw

New OWP Released

A week is over and we finally finished our first team OWP. The small top-down shooter game can be played online and supports a locally stored highscore. Just click here, scroll down and try to beat the best score. As we do with all our OWPs, this Project is also opensourced, so you're free to grab the games sourcecode and build your own amazing shooter on top of it.

Jul 3. 2014 - fireclaw

RSS Feed

We now support rss feeds. You can subscribe by hitting the rss feed logo on the top or by clicking this link: subscribe

Jun 29. 2014 - fireclaw

Get the source

The source code of the OWPs are now available. Check them out at the respective project sites here: Project 1 and Project 2

Jun 29. 2014 - fireclaw

Older OWPs are up

The old One Week Projects (OWPs) are online
The OWPs which were done earlier are now available to play in the Game section

currently available are these two Projects: Project 1 and Project 2

Jun 18. 2014 - fireclaw

Upcomming OWP

Next week we will start another One-Week-Project (OWP)
Our next OWP will be a simple top-down shooter featuring simple AI.

For mor information about our last OWPs and what an OWP is check the OWP section on the Games page.

Jun 18. 2014 - fireclaw

Updates on Rising

The page to our currently developed game is updated
It now features mor informations, the short version of the story and some screenshots of the current development status.

Check it out here or simply move to the Games section and click on Rising

Jun 18. 2014 - fireclaw


Hello and Welcome to the GrimFang-Studio Website.
This Website is currently under heavy developement and hasn't much information yet, but make sure to check back often.

Jun 17. 2014 - fireclaw