Lext (formerly known as Rollin) is a physics based puzzle game.

The Player must collect items or parts in order to move to the next level. ("Key Cards" and "Fuse boxes" for the moment) Key cards are for doors and other sensors. Cell boxes are like power cells, that's used to power certain things in the game same goes for fuses and other types that are needed to complete a circuit. For things like lifts, doors, lights etc. More different types will be added. The visual idea would be something cartoon shade; sci fi...

To get even more information visit it's wiki page: Lext wiki


::Technical Details::

Lext is created using a Blender plugin that is written by mj-meo-dmt. This Plugin implement a kind-of level editor feature for Panda3D in Blender

The Rollin source code is hosted at: github