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Cover of Book 1 game development with Panda3D

Panda3D Game Development

by Fireclaw the Fox

This book will teach you how to get into creating games with the awesome Panda3D game engine. It is tailored towards beginners as well as intermediate users of the Panda3D game engine and even though it's geared toward that engine, it even contains enough information about general game development, that it may be useful for users of other engines too.

130 pages

Current state: Mature
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Github: Panda3D Book 1 sources

Panda3D Art Creation with Blender

by Fireclaw the Fox

The second book will teach you how to create models that are usable in videogames of any kind. It is tailored towards Blender and Panda3D users alike and has many tips and tricks for creating game assets. This book even though about using Blender, will not teach you very much about artistry and designing but the techniques that are behind good looking game assets.

72 pages

Current state: Mature
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Download Sources: Panda3D Book 2

Github: Panda3D Book 2 sources
Cover of Book 2 game ready models with Blender