The One-Week-Projects are small fully playable games which are created within a week.
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1. Project

A simple top-down shooter game


This is the first sucessful group owp of grimfang studio. It is a small top-down shooter game. You will run around and fight against a never ending flood of enemies.

Technical highlight

This game uses the PANDAI AI system for the enemy and pandas own built in collision system


Play the game

To play the game you need to install the Panda3D runtime. You can download it from here: Panda3D Runtime

Note: the game will store the highscore on your PC in a folder called .quickShooter in your home folder

How to play

The controls in the game are as follow:

mouse - control the players direction
left mouse button - shoot, hold down for auto fire (MG ONLY)
w, a, s, d - move the player up, left, down and right
esc - quit game


Play the game online via the Panda3D web plugin

Please make sure you have installed the Panda3D runtime


Download Executable (quickShooter.p3d) Get the source code at github