The One-Week-Projects are small fully playable games which are created within a week.
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1. Project

A small jump and run game


This was the first project of the One-Week-Projects. It is a small jump and run side scroller game. The gameplay is rather simple, you run and jump through the level, while collecting all the fruits in it.

Technical highlight

The game use the bullet physic engine for the character controls


Play the game

To play the game you need to install the Panda3D runtime. You can download it from here: Panda3D Runtime

Note: the game will store the highscore on your PC in a folder called .quickJNR in your home folder

To win the game move to the end of the map Note: the end is not specially marked, just run against the wall as seen in the second screenshot.

How to play

The controls in the game are as follow:

arrow keys - move left right
space - jump
esc - quit game


Play the game online via the Panda3D web plugin

Please make sure you have installed the Panda3D runtime


Download Executable (quickJnR.p3d) Download Source (fireclawOWP1-src.7z)