The One-Week-Projects are small fully playable games which are created within a week.
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3. Project (PyWeek)

The Little Drop


This project was build during the PyWeek competition. It tells the story of little raindrop spirits on their journey to reforest a wood in the aftermath of a big fire blaze. It's your task to guide him through the forest, collect and plant seeds and see the forest regrow. Some plants can even be used as bridges to other areas of the forest. Throughout your way, you will meat other droplings, make sure to listen what they say as some might even help you on your journey. Finally, in the end, you might even get the chance to see the forests spirit himself.


Play the game

To play the game you need to install the Panda3D runtime. You can download it from here: Panda3D Runtime

Note: the game will store the highscore on your PC in a folder called .quickRPG in your home folder

How to play

The game uses keyboard and mouse.
Wander around in the forest and collect seeds, then plant those seeds and regrow the burned down forest. Some Plants will form bridges which lead you to new areas of the forest. Note that each planted seed will drain some water from your body to let the plant grow. Try to get through the forest and group up with some other water spirits to meet the big forest spirit.

Hit esc to quit the game or go back to the main menu

Use W,A,S,D to control the character

Use the mouse to navigate through the menu and control the camera

Hit space to plant seeds in the specified areas

To win the game build all bridge plants and move into the group of raindrop spirits at the end of the forest

Check out the manual of the game


Play the game online via the Panda3D web plugin

Please make sure you have installed the Panda3D runtime


Download Executable (LittleDrop.p3d) Get the source code at github