One-Week-Projet - Ajaw

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A 3D action adventure game


This is the second successful group owp of GrimFang studio. It is a fully playable 3D action adventure game in the style of the N64 the legend of zelda games. You will have to move through the path of kings, solve puzzles and fight enemies to become the next Mayan emperor.

Technical highlight

This game has many technical highlights and is as of the time of this writing, by far our most complete game.


Play the game

Note: the game will store the highscore on your PC in a folder called Ajaw in your home folder

To win the game follow the hints on the signs and collect the artefact at the end of the temple.

How to play

The controls in the game are as follow:

mousecontrol in the menus
qcenter camera behind player
eactivate / attack
w, a, s, dmove the player up, left, down and right
escback to menu / quit game
to jump, just move over the edge of a ledge and the character will jump automatically in the direction he's facing.


Get the source code at github