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A small fast paced first-person-shooter Paintbal game with foxes.
You play as a member of the yellow team and try to beat the blue team by tagging all of its teammembers.



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::Play the game::

Packed versions of this game will come soon...

How to play

The game uses the usual FPS controls. W A S D for moving and the mouse for looking around and shooting.
The menu is held very simple, you can only start a singleplayer party or quit the game.
While in the game, you can return to the main menu at any time by hitting the esc key.
Your aim is to tag all opponent teammembers with your so called paint (the bullets of a paintball gun) three times. The team with at least one player left in the game wins

::Technical Details::

The game uses Animation blending and texture Painting


Get the source code at github