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I have planned this for a while, but now it finally happened. The source for this site is freely available on now.
In addition to this, we fixed a few bugs and added small features, like a captcha in the contacts page, to So for all of you who are interested, here is where to find the websites source

May. 14. 2017 - fireclaw

New hoster

Hey everyone, it's been quite a long while since the last post. We still are very busy with our project and private things but there's not much to tell about yet. The little outage of our website we had lately was due to the move to a new webhoster. But everything should be fully up and running again. As soon as we have news on our project, we'll keep you updated here.

Apr. 8. 2017 - fireclaw

Book updates and other news

Hey everyone, it's time for some new news entries here. There hasn't been much publicly visible that we could share thoguh now's the time that we have at least some information that we can share with you.

First of, the Panda3D guide books have been updated with a few fixes and small but useful additions that can help you enhance your games written with our favourite game engine Panda3D. As always, if you have improvements or fixes for them, don't hesitate to share them so we can incorporate them. The new versions of the books can be found in the documents section and are still freely available. If you want to get changes to the book first hand, make sure to watch the github repositories where they are stored:

Book 1 at Github

Book 2 at Github.

Next, if you watch our grimfang github repositories, you might noticed, that we got active in working on features in the Panda3D engine. Lately we have implemented a very useful and hardly missed feature of the engine, a high level gamepad and game devices API which is currently available in our github repository. Currently it's in a working state and can be used for testing. As time comes, this will be incorporated into the official repository and if we're lucky we may get it into the 1.10 release of the engine. If you're up to test it, take a look at the input-overhaul branch of our panda3d fork on github.

Aside of that we have heavily worked on another project to get it closer to release. As it will take some more time and work until it's polished enough to be released, there might not be that many news in the comming months as we try and concentrate on that one project to get it out into the public though, as soon as it's ready, we will publish it on Launchpad for anyone to play and share.

Aug 25. 2016 - fireclaw

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