The Traveling Fox Game is released!

After a few years in development it finally came the day of the release.
The Traveling Fox, the 3D platformer that I've been working on for quite a long time now is finally out in the wild for you to get! It's put on here in the games section, as well as on Game Jolt and IndieDB. For everyone who's using ubuntu, you also can simply install it from the app store!

As all our games, The Traveling Fox is also open sourced and can be found on if you're interested in taking a look at it or want to help extending it.

Oct. 1. 2017 - fireclaw

Website source available on

I have planned this for a while, but now it finally happened. The source for this site is freely available on now.
In addition to this, we fixed a few bugs and added small features, like a captcha in the contacts page, to So for all of you who are interested, here is where to find the websites source

May. 14. 2017 - fireclaw

New hoster

Hey everyone, it's been quite a long while since the last post. We still are very busy with our project and private things but there's not much to tell about yet. The little outage of our website we had lately was due to the move to a new webhoster. But everything should be fully up and running again. As soon as we have news on our project, we'll keep you updated here.

Apr. 8. 2017 - fireclaw

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